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We have offices of varying sizes available for short and medium term rent. Businesses are invited to hire the offices as a base alongside using the engineering space; to begin to establish a presence in Westcott; or as neutral ground for collaborations.

The price for office space within the Innovation Centre is: £370 per m2, per year. 

This includes all service charges, utilities and costs associated with rent. ​Excluding local business rates.

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WIC 22 Sept 2020 (4)
WIC 22 Sept 2020 (4)


We are expanding the Co-Space offer so a desk can be taken in Westcott or Harwell.

If you looking for a flexible workspace in the heart of the space sector community? Connect and collaborate by renting a desk in our shared workspace, with hot desks available on a day-to-day basis as well as more permanent pre-assigned desks for unlimited use.

Meeting Rooms (First Floor)

The cost to hire these rooms by the day is as follows:

  • Meeting room 4: £45.00
  • Meeting room 5: £45.00
  • Meeting room 6: £45.00
  • Meeting room 7: £80.00

Note: All meeting rooms can be hired by the hour.

WIC 22 Sept 2020 (2)

Flexible Engineering Centre

Specialist equipment, expertise, and flexible workspace for prototyping and small scale manufacturing.


We have offices of varying sizes available for short and medium term rent.

Meeting Rooms

There are 3 small meeting rooms alongside the offices as well as two larger ones on the ground floor.

Clean Rooms

ISO 5 and 7 Clean Rooms - portable options available.

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